This page helps answers questions about the S20 Eagle.

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S20 FAQ (8/28)


Is the suspension replaceable?

Yes, be sure to find a suspension thats 240-75 or 240-76.

What suspension comes with the S20?

The S20 will come with DNM RCP-2S with a 750lbs spring, however this is subject to change within the next weeks.

What suspension do you reccommend?

Fox shocks is undoubtedly the best available, Rockshox is also very good however not suitable for EUCs. It’s perfect for good or poor asphalt, not for off-roading. The shortcoming is that it’s prone to bottoming out, it’s easy to hit the bottom when riding on big obstacles, especially for heavier riders.

Although the DNM240-75 is an entry level coil suspension, the 750lb spring is suitable for most riders however for heavier riders we do suggest upgrading to a 1000lb spring if you do want to attempt the extreme.

Many of the shocks available for the S20 Eagle are basically some of the best on the market, with all adjustable compression and rebound dampening.

The adjustable compression dampening is the key to the limit, the blue knob can increase the limit of the S20 allowing it to take on a larger impact. If heavier riders are experiencing bottoming out, there’s a high probability for you to resolve this by adjusting the blue compression dampening. In the same way, light riders can switch to 550lbs spring if they feel that the shock absorber is too hard. You are able to change just the spring and not having to change the entire shock.

Lots of suspensions are readily available on the market as long as they meet the 240-75 or 240-76 you'll be able to fit it into your S20 Eagle.


What tire is on it?

We have not fully decided on the tire was of 8/26/2021, but there is enough opening for you to put a variety of tires. the inner opening is 100mm wide, and we've used 21.5" wheels so far.


Where do I buy one?

You can purchase one from your local authorized King Song dealer. MSRP is $3299USD + local government taxes. If you need help locating one you may email us at: info@szkingsong.com Contact us on Facebook. AVOID: Alibaba, Aliexpress. These devices will not have official King Song warranty.

Will the S18 be discontinued?

No, the S18 will continue to be sold.

What's the difference between S18 and S20?

The S18 comes with stock air suspension compared to S20 uses a spring. S20 is now leading the way for a new kind of EUC. S20 Eagle without it's outershell means there's less hassle in replacing parts or inner tube. It's going back to the core of what an EUC; motor, battery, and motherboard. Without losing any of the features that our riders want. S18 suspension travel is: 100mm vs S20 has 130mm.

Does the S18 replace the S20? How do I pick between the two?

The S20 does not replace the S18. The S18 is a lighter suspension wheel for those who may not have the dire need for speeds excess of 50km/h. S18 is perfect for riders who may still have commuting in mind or don't enjoy the burdens of a heavier wheel.

How does the S20 compare to other wheels?

In comparison to other wheels: BEGODE Hero vs S20: The S20 has larger battery, bigger motor, front bumper design on S20, higher voltage means better speed and torque.

INMOTION V12 vs S20: The S20 has larger battery pack, larger sized wheel means better stability. The V12 does not have suspension, S20 does. Bigger motor, easier to repair than V12.

Does it have speakers?

No, the S20 does not have speakers.

What is the size of the pedals? Clearance?

The dimensions of the pedal are 277 x 130mm. The pedals are 231mm off the ground.

How do you charge 126v from a 110volt outlet?

In the simplest way explained, though your household may only be outputting 110-120v the charger keeps the voltage and stores it to 126v before sending it to the wheel. It's the same theory as why you can charge your 350+volt Tesla from a home outlet.

When is first shipped? Delivery?

We are expecting the first shipment of production model King Song S20 Eagles to be ready mid December or end of December 2021.

When will we see the actual product on video?

We are expecting the release end of September.


Is the S20 waterproof or water resistant? IP Rating?

The S20 is water resistant meaning riding in the rain will not affect it, though we always urge our riders not to ride in the rain as drivers have a lower visibility compared to clear weather. It does not currently have an IP rating 8/26/2021

How does the hollow motor perform in rain?

We've done comprehensive tests to test the water resistancy of the hollow motor. We learned from mistakes made by other brands and ensured that we would not follow suit. This motor is custom, even the seal is completely custom.


How does the hollow motor perform in rain?

We've done comprehensive tests to test the water resistancy of the hollow motor. We learned from mistakes made by other brands and ensured that we would not follow suit. This motor is custom, even the seal is completely custom.


Are Power pads included?

Yes! These Power pads will not be stuck on, instead when you receive your wheel fit it to your desire position.


Will the S20 come in difference options?

As of 8/26/2021 we do not have any plans on making other colors, however with enough feedback from our riders worldwide we may be open to it.

What is the S20 color?

The main theme is black and red, however there are some parts that will include a part.


What are the dimensions of the S20 box?

The size of the S20 Eagle box is: 930x690x310mm.

What is the weight?

The estimated weight currently is 35kg.